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Master's Degree

The School-Based Internship/ Master’s Degree of Education Program in Moderate Disabilities

The Carroll School, a pioneer in educating children with dyslexia, collaborates with Lesley University and Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (BB&N) in two dynamic Master’s Degree Programs that offer:

  1. Collaboration with experienced mentor teachers;
  2. Preparation in teaching at two exceptional schools;
  3. Daily immersion in practical application;
  4. Opportunity for Orton-Gillingham Training;
  5. Participation in Carroll Cognitive Development Research Project.
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To better understand the broad range of academic needs and to provide targeted interventions, in 2012, Carroll School created a research department headed by a physician- neuroscientist.

Until recently, a learning disability, such as dyslexia, has been viewed as a lifelong and unchangeable cognitive processing difference.  However, an emerging body of neuroscience research suggests that remediation of that which underlies dyslexia can be significant and lasting.   In collaboration with several academic institutions in the Boston area, Carroll’s Cognitive Research team aims to bridge the gap between research and educational practice to more comprehensively meet the academic needs of students who learn differently.  For the graduate students this provides a remarkable opportunity to understand how to match learner profiles to diagnostic-prescriptive instruction. 

Currently, in the second year of the project, encouraging patterns are already emerging.  Many teachers have observed remarkable improvements among students who had targeted cognitive development interventions. In fact, one teacher commented that “…the students who had the most significant improvement— in terms of observational data and measurable data recorded from assessments tests taken before and after cognitive development training—were the same students who improved the most academically. These students were able to perform consistently better across their entire school day.”

By participating in these school-based internship programs, you will earn a Master’s Degree in education leading to initial licensure for teachers of students with moderate disabilities. Choose either:


“I used everything I learned in class directly and immediately in the classroom.  The students loved the material and gained academically.” Alumna 2010